bring your wallet

Ok, so I am calling BS and sexism! The NFL, lead by my least favorite person in the world, has passed a rule that you may not bring in purses to the games any more. Oh wait each person can bring in a plastic bag or small hand clutch. So ladies, get ready to parade to the world when you have your period and don’t bring baby anymore because I would love to see diapers and bottles and wipes and clothes and toys fit into a plastic bag. What about freezing cold games (like the next superbowl will be) with blankets And hats and hand warmers? Is that going to fit in a palstic bag? Oh wait to make u feel better, the NFL will be selling clear bags with the official logo (and a price tag of $50 I am sure) for your convenience. I am all for safety but don’t you already have me stand in the longer line if I bring a purse??? Don’t I go in early so that I can be patted down? What’s next, should we all go through decon showers before we enter? Is this about safety or $? Does the NFL just not want to pay the security for the game? Sales from their clear bags will make money. I wonder if the NFL would be willing to donate that money to victims and families of 911 or the Boston bombing. I bet NOT! The NFL says that they wish you would only bring your wallet and that my friends says it all!!!!